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Bad Boy (My First Love)

Posted: February 14, 2014 in Animes
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Daily Prompt: It’s Friday, I’m in Love.

I remember him so well. As  matter of fact, I still run in to him form time to time, but he’s changed since we used to be friends.

He’s so beautiful.

His messy, jet black hair just kinda does it for me.  I adore his huge, emotive eyes.  They used to make my heart flutter

Even when we were young, he kinda kept to himself.  His existence wasn’t even noticed sometimes.  But still, there was this kind, gentle side to him that I only saw emerge a few times. It just made me love him even more.

Now, he’s just overly dark and condescending.  Most people don’t care for him, some go as far as to loathe him.  I just yearn for the way he used to be.

Like how he was when I loved him.

Back before Sega ruined him.

When I was a young girl, I was in love with Shadow the Hedgehog.


Valentine’s Day Animes

Posted: February 14, 2014 in Animes
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So, Valentines Day is here again, and maybe you’re fresh out of Netflix Rom-Coms to watch, so you thought about trying something new.  Or maybe it’s a singles party and you’ve got nothing better to do other than make fun of love.  Or maybe you and your sweetheart are downright otakus.  No matter your origins, I’ve taken the time to list five romance animes for anime newbies and veterans alike.  You’re welcome.

*Side note:  These animes are more cute and romantic than sexy.  So if sexy is your jam, then you may want to look else where.

5. Clannad


This anime will play on your heartstrings like it’s a baby harp.  I have to admit… This weird thing started happening to me as I got more into the series…  This unusual combination of H2O and NaCl started emitting from my eyes.  So consider that a warning label.

The basic premise is there’s this delinquent kid who really doesn’t give a crap about anything, until he meets this girl named Nagisa, a girl in very frail health.  She wants to start a drama club and the delinquent kid, though unenthusiastic at first, agrees to help her.  As they form a close bond, they attempt to heal each other’s broken pasts.

It’s a very cute, slice-of-life anime.  It’s 22 episodes long, so it’s not something you can finish in one night, but hey.  Maybe you can invite your sweetheart over for round two. (wink wink)

4. Say, “I love you.”


Well, I have to say, I’m in the middle of this one myself, so uh… If it gets weird later, don’t hate me.  But it’s certainly adorable in the beginning.  It tells the story of a teenage girl who decided when she was very young that humans are inherently evil and thus denounced the world.  However, when a popular boy from school takes a liking to her fierce and disinterested attitude, he tries to help her see the good in people.  Again, it’s another story about how two people ultimately work to change each other, for better or worse.  Character development FTW!

This anime is only 12 episodes, so it’s marathon-able.

3. Ouran High School Host Club


It’s really hard to say much about this anime without spoiling it, but I will tell you it’s down right hilarious, that is, if you have at least a bit of anime knowledge.  This anime knows it’s incredible cheesy and pokes fun at itself and other anime stereotypes frequently, so it may be more amusing if you’ve seen such stereotypes in practice before.  Nonetheless, this anime features a very strong cast, and it features one of the strongest female leads I’ve ever seen in an anime.  So needless to say, I love this show.

It’s about 24 episodes, if you’re interested.

2. Kamisama Hajimemashit (a.k.a Kamisama Kiss)


For all of the anime veterans, Kamisama is basically this: Think Inuyasha, but WAY shorter battles, no filler, and compressed into 13 episodes in which developments between the two leads are actually made.  For all of my lovely newbies, think Twilight, except with three denominational characters, demons (or yokai) instead of vampires, and a female lead who does more than stutter.  Also, it’s only 13 episodes rather than four waaaaaay longer-than-they-need-to-be novels.  (Sorry, not a Twilight fan.)  But that’s the basic idea.

1. Howl’s Moving Castle


I don’t care if you hate anime.  Howl’s Moving Castle is simply a must-see.  It’s only a 2 hour movie, so there’s no excuse.  If you want to know what to expect from Howl (or any film directed by Hayao Miyazaki), think Disney, but no singing and targeted at a more mature audience.  It’s fantasy, it’s beautiful, and the animation, the music, and characters are simply stunning.  Of all of these wonderful animes listed, it’s the only one I’d consider art.

Keep in mind, this is all just my opinion.  But hey, maybe one of these will lead to a happier Valentines Day.

Have fun!