That one nerdy chick.

It’s like I didn’t have a name or something.  I was  just “that one nerdy chick.”

Oh, I’m not going to bore you with some sob story.  Really, middle school wasn’t even that horrendous.  I mean, it was middle school, but you know.  I wasn’t the constant target of an aggressive horde of bullies or anything.

I’m just saying that it sucks to be picked last.

And it’s kind of weird the way Western society prefers to oppress rather than embrace intellectuals.  Instead of “intelligent individuals” we’re just”nerds.”

Even for group projects, nerds are picked last, just because people don’t like to associate with them.  I mean, come on.  I know we can be socially awkward and all, but that’s why keyboards were invented, right?  We just need a different kind of platform to express ourselves.

So listen, fellow nerds.  It’s time to clear our name.  We’re going to take any derogatory connotation that “nerd” has and rip it right out of the word, because this blog is that platform we can use to express ourselves.

I really hope for it to be one big cluster of just nerd fluff and goo.  I want to craft it to be a heaven, a judgement free, no shame zone for nerds of all archetypes.  Whether you swear by math or anime or video games or science or foreign languages or books or computer tech or polysyndetons, I want there to at least be a little bit of representation for all of us.  Obviously, I can’t do this alone.  I need your support as readers and commentators for this to blog to become the kind of outlet I hope it will evolve into.

Also, if you’re a fellow blogger, I’m leaving this contact form here so if you’d like to guest post about your nerdy-ness, you totally can!  I hope this blog will represent many different types of nerds, but I’m not really an expert on everything, so please!  Lend me a hand!

Obviously, if you want, I’ll be more than happy to guest post for you!

Well, that’s all for now.  I hope to be seeing all of you around!

What else would you like to know about me or my blog?  Tell me in the comments!


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